Psychologist/therapist looking for impact with scale

We are looking for a full-time Psychologist (or therapist, or mental health specialist) to join our non-profit, tech-heavy, purpose driven team at 29k – and help us create a loveable experience


What we believe

At 29k we believe that individuals have the capacity to change the world for the better. And if we can unleash people's ability to live more meaningful lives they, in‌ ‌turn, will improve the world through their actions. 

We believe that by combining the best tools psychology has to offer, with human connection (in our case, live video sharing), we can have a profound impact on the mental growth and wellbeing of youth and adults.


Who we are

29k is a non-profit foundation initiated by the Norrsken Foundation and Ekskäret Foundation, with researchers affiliated with Karolinska Institutet and University of London, tasked with building a free and open platform for personal development. We have a 5-year goal of improving the lives of 5 million people, and a long term goal of reaching a threshold where we see systemic change in the world.

We are a dedicated, close-knit team of skilled and motivated people who truly believe the world can and needs to be changed for the better. 

The app was launched early this year and we’re now constantly reaching out to new users and segments, in the ambition that we can positively change as many lives as possible.


What you'll do

We know through research what helps people and make them thrive. We believe it is by building on evidence based practices and helping people work with those over time and in an environment that is rich with human connection. We need you to help us figure out how we best do so. We’re looking for an experienced psychologist (or therapist, or mental health specialist) with a strategic mindset who can strengthen our psychology and research team. We work cross functional and the platform is co-created together with the users 

As one of our psychologist, you’ll be:

  • Creating content and producing exercises and tools within the app together with the psychology and research team.
  • Showing deep empathy towards our users and their needs.
  • Working tightly with designers, developers, product people and researchers in a cross-functional team.
  • Involved in research projects, both research in-house with our team, and research projects that are collaborations with research teams at different Universities. 
  • Helping to co-create with other experts in psychology, as an example, our Self-Compassion course was co-created with Kristing Neff and Chris Germer, and our psychologists helped build their material into a 29k course in our app.  
  • You'll be involved in all parts of the 29k project to ensure we are building everything on cutting-edge psychology (e.g. onboarding into app, content, communications, collaborations)  
  • Working out of our office at Norrsken in Stockholm. Once things are back to normal that is...

Who are you

You are probably someone who wants to work long term in a team, focused on bringing deep and meaningful personal growth to the world. We also practice what we preach, so not only will you contribute to something meaningful for the world, you'll get to personally grow as a member of our team.

We believe that some of these things applies to you:

  • Are an experienced psychologist, therapist, or have another degree in an area related to human healthcare.
  • Comfortable and experienced in communicating in English in writing and talking. 
  • Have experience from online therapy, maybe even experience from building digital health solutions. 
  • Are well-versed in Cognitive Behavioural Science and Contextual Behavioural Science (e.g. Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Self-Compassion therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy). 
  • Have a high capacity to deal with uncertainty. Since we are building something new to the world, we are constantly trying new moves and are in a fast changing environment. 
  • We are applying methods and principles of self organisation which means you probably have a high inner motivator as well as a drive to align and work together with other people in smaller teams.
  • Enjoy collaborative work in a small, dynamic, data-driven and creative environment.
  • Have experience from working with young adults (15-24 years).  
  • You have an interest in how psychology via technology can drive personal growth.

We are super excited to hear from you :-) 

PS: Don't worry if you don't hear from us in a while as we will attend this process post holidays. We will remove the ad when we have signed with a candidate so until then you are very welcome to apply as long as the ad is up. 

If anything is urgent do not hesitate to reach out to Johanna Schwang directly.


Learn more about us: 

If you want to learn more about us here are some interesting resources to check in. 

  • First of all, download our app, easily found via Appstore and Google Play 

  • Co-founder and CEO Erik Fernholm. Presentation filmed at Brilliant Minds in Stockholm 2019. Sharing the stage that day with President Barack Obama, Forrest Whitaker, Naomi Campbell and more (7 minutes):

Or, know someone who would be a perfect fit? Let them know!

Location: 29k@ Norrsken House

Birger Jarlsgatan 57A
113 56 Stockholm Directions View page

Norrsken House & Klustret

29k is backed by people and organisations who believe technology can be used to transform personal growth.

It is co-funded by Norrsken Foundation and Ekskäret Foundation, and supported by researchers from Harvard University and Karolinska Institutet.


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